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Golden Triangle Tour comprises of the rich cultural wealth and heritage of India in its true splendour. It begins from Delhi, the city capital, with bustling crowds, famous bazaars and splendid blend of modern and historical architecture, leaving anyone mesmerised and captivated to yearn for more. Second destination of this beautiful and versatile equilateral triangle is Agra, the city which was glorified by the Mughals who left behind their legacy in the form of this irreplaceable and unparallel Marble mausoleum called the Taj Mahal, a symbol of eternal love shared all the time with the majestic Yamuna River. Agra gives a perfect glimpse of any of the Indian town, chaotic yet full of life. And finally to complete this triangle, we enter Jaipur, the city of proud and valiant warriors, whose contribution to Indian History is truly golden, symbolically and literally too as this is the capital of the desert state of India. It is the land of forts and palaces, so many fascinating unheard stories and legends.

If you have planned the trip to India, golden triangle tour, which is so well connected with different modes of transport, is the classic way to begin exploring this mystical country.