White Water River Rafting

White Water River Rafting

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Rishikesh has now become a main centre of white water rafting in North India. River Rafting is riding on the fast flowing river, near foothills, on an inflatable rubber boat (imported rafts made of vulcanized rubber bodies reinforced by nylon fabric beneath thus making it tough enough to take the battering). It’s an adventure sport, best enjoyed with professional rafters and trainers, staying at a white sand beach next to the river.

Rishikesh is located in the laps of lower Himalayas, and is surrounded by picturesque beauty of the hills on three sides with Holy Ganga flowing through it. The whole place is considered to be sacred as it is believed that meditation at this place leads to realization of salvation. Rafting, a fun filled adventure that one would love to do any time of the year and never get tired of. An activity that requires no special skill or experience and yet offers some very exciting and thrilling action, especially when the river is wild and the surroundings scenic. An adventure where thrill soon takes over the fear and builds up confidence like no other.Rafting in the Ganges is a great way to initiate oneself into the world of white water rafting. It is an ultimate Adrenaline Rush for the dare devil in you.You don’t have to know swimming, and no prior white water rafting experience is necessary.

Rafting in Ganges at Rishikesh is dividing into 3 broad sections. The first one is from Kudiyala till Marine Drive which is for approximately 10 Km. This section is home to the 2 biggest rapids on the whole segment which are known as “The Wall” and “Daniels Drip” which are graded as class IV and class III respectively. The second section is from Marine Drive till Shivpuri which is for roughly 12 Km. some of the major rapids in this segment are “Three Blind Mice”, “Crossfire”, Black Money”. The third section is from Shivpuri till Rishikesh (Laxman Jhula) which covers a distance of 18 Km and has some interesting rapids like “Rollercoaster”, “Clubhouse” and “Golf Course”

Things to carry –

  • Torch /travel light (very essential).
  • Shoes (2 pair- one for the river or a pair of beach sandals).
  • Personal medical kit and toiletries, towel, soap etc for personal use.
  • A pullover/jacket for morning and evening.
  • Sun shade/cap.
  • Sunscreen lotion.
  • Cord for spectacles/sun glasses.
  • Camera (optional)

*Please carry lightweight bags and travel light, as you need to walk down to camp with your own bags.
*Heart patient, asthmatic and person suffering from epilepsy and intoxicated persons are not permitted for rafting.
*Please do not bring valuables in sandy beach camps and during rafting.

River Water Grade 

Grade 1: Easy, small waves. No obstacles.
Grade 2: Moderate difficulty with clear passages.
Grade 3: Difficult, high irregular waves, narrow passages require precise maneuvering.
Grade 4: Difficult, powerful waves. Very precise maneuvering required.
Grade 5: Extremely difficult, violent, highly congested. Water Grade 2/3 in Brahmpuri, Shivpuri Water Grade 2/3 Plus, Marine Drive 3/4 Plus and Kaudiyala 4 Plus.

A total of 13 exciting river rapids like –

  • Sweet Sixteen (Grade-1)
  • Hilton and Terminator (Grade-2)
  • Three Blind Mice (Grade-3)
  • Cross Fire (Grade-3)
  • Roller Coaster (Grade-4)
  • Golf Course (Grade-4)
  • Wall
  • Daniel’s Dip
  • Double Trouble
  • T-Off
  • Club House
  • Black Money along the Ganges await you to take you on some of the most wonderful rafting expeditions.