Spend a day with Elephant

Spend a day with Elephant

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• Welcome by Elephant at Camp.
• Introduction with Elephant.
• Elephant bathing, feeding and painting activities.
• Lunch at Camp
• Elephant Safari

Arrive at Elephant Camp and welcome by Elephant.

Arrive at Elephant Camp. On arrival guest are greeted by Elephants. After welcome drink, we will introduce you to Elephant by feeding them banana and sugarcane. Later proceed to small pond at camp, where you can bath the elephant with the help of our team. You will also get a chance to paint the Elephant with natural colours.

You can also ask the question about Elephant during activities.

Later on pro to Elephant Safari. The route passing by agricultural field, forest and hill area. After safari you can enjoy your meal (Lunch / Dinner) at farm.

Price: USD 100 Per Person